While you can see my profile on LinkedIn, In my previous life, here are some of the things that I have been involved in:

    • Finqa.in – 2014 to 2018:
      A chance meeting with a friend got me interested in financial planning and the financial services industry.Realised that there was massive need for regular folks who were mostly being mis sold unsuitable insurance products in the name of investments by their bank RMs.

      Ran Finqa for a couple of years as a fee only investment advisory company,  before shutting it down. We were a bit ahead of our time since we were charging for financial advice, while the traditional model was product commission driven.

      While we should have shut it down much earlier, Financial Literacy and mis-selling is still a large problem in India and I maintain Finqa on an independent information resource. Check it out here >>


    • Experia Media – 2011 to 2014: Ran a digital media agency during the early days when Facebook was on the cusp of exploding in India – Among other things,
        • Got the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon on social media via public – private to help bring about transparency and improve stuff in Gurgaon. Too many commissioners changed too frequently and the project ultimately got scrapped 🙁


        • Worked with the Congress Party improve it’s online presence (this was in the early days of 2011 till the 2014 elections) – Was a very intense and interesting learning experiences because life in politics is very different from prevailing popular perception.


      • Ran marketing campaigns and experimented with various startup ideas ( realised early on that unit economics is very important and shut them down rather than try and raise money in the hey days of 2015 and extend the burn )


    • The Plunge: 2011 – Quit my job at Cognizant and moved to India from the US to start out on my own.The initial idea was to start a chain of local fitness centers in Gurgaon where people could walk to the center instead of driving. Failed to take off because the current model of town planning has no suitable commercial spaces in residential areas and most local gyms operate illegally from basements. And the good condos have their own clubs.


    • Cognizant : 2006 – 2011 – Started out with the pre-sales team at the IT Infrastructure Services Practice in Bangalore and later on moved to the US as part of the Sales & Business Development team – Great run of 5 years


    • Lintas DCell : 2005 – Took a 50% paycut to scratch my itch of joining and advertising firm.Lasted about 6 months before realising that I while I enjoyed design, the 80:20 rule still applied. Also the pay sucked ( and the constant tiring question, “You went to IIM, why the hell did you join an ad agency ?” )


    • TCS : 2005 – First job as a management trainee. Responding to RFPs wasn’t quite I was looking to do so quit after 6 months to do something more ‘interesting’


  • IIM Lucknow : 2003 to 2005
  • St. Stephens College : 1999 to 2002

Ideas excite me. Discussing and trying them out even more so. Exploring what’s next. Best way to reach me >> Email | Twitter