Roberto owns a cab company which i occasionally use for cabs to the airport. He is polite, punctual and his cars are nice and clean.
On my last trip to the airport, he asked me the name of the cologne i was wearing..
Hugo Boss !! was my short reply before i got on the phone..Nice perfume was his reply.
Today, he asked me the same question. Since i was wearing HB again, i told him so..
“Very nice perfume”, he replied in his thick Italian accent.
For a moment, i was wondering if he was just being nice or if he genuinely liked perfumes (or maybe i was wearing too much of it…)
We got talking and after he told about me how he was separated from his wife but they still run the business together, how she likes to shop and women in NYC are ‘difficult’, a case of suicide near my apartment bldg, how not to have kids coz when they come, you can forget about travel, etc etc, he casually asked if i was coming back the same day….
I was returning the same evening and he offered to pick me up.
By this time, we had reached the airport and when I offered him my credit card, he did something which i hadnt expected.
He asked me to pay when i returned later in the evening…and asked me to give him a call when i left from Boston. He would be there.
My flight was delayed by 3 hours but he was there, waiting on the curb…
Well, its normal for limo companies to pick up people but then, he also offered to let me have a smoke in the cab 🙂
Well incase you are wondering where this post is leading to… Customer Service in America is pretty shodddy, so Roberto’s attitude (and actions ) were a refreshing change…
Dont know if this will continue when the economy bounces back and business is good as usual (with the result that service quality will tank)…
Hope it does and till then, will continue to call Roberto for my early morning jaunts to the airport.
Incase you live in the Jersey City / Queens area, he can be reached at the following numbers 201 892 5182 / 201 726 2921

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