Ever since we moved back, have been looking for a sports complex where I could go and play either Tennis or Squash. Unlike Delhi which has a couple of great DDA owned and operated sports complexes, Gurgaon has very limited options. Most of them are either in private apartment societies and clubs or sports academies like Ryder’s. Very limited ‘public’ options are available.

Was driving down Sohna Road the other day when I happened to see a board for the Tau Devi Lal Sports complex. Entered on a whim to explore the place and was quite excited to see the signboard (below) which lists facilities for a variety of sports including Basketball, volleyball, badminton, boxing, lawn tennis, swimming pool, squash etc etc apart from the regular favorites of football and cricket.

Well, my excitement as very short lived as after driving around the complex for a few minutes, all I could see were vacant plots with no sign of the myriad ‘facilities’ listed on the board. Only the football and cricket stadiums it seems were operational.

When I stopped and asked somebody where the tennis courts were, he started giving me directions to a place in Sector 14 !! When I asked him what all was operational in the sports complex, he told me that only the cricket and football fields were operational.

To say that I was dismayed is an understatement. I mean here is this huge place with the potential to be built into a world class sporting complex and all it has to show for are two fields. I wonder why if the government had ‘planned’ things on such a grand scale didn’t execute it to completion.

Anyone interested in filing an RTI petition to figure out why or participating in a campaign to see if we can revive this place and get all the other facilities built ?

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